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 Healthy Happy Hour.
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Welcome to The Conscious Cafe'! Celebrating the power of conscious choice.
Life is about choice. Each choice brings us closer to joy or further away from it, closer to love or futher away from it, closer to our dreams or further away from them. Conscious choices are what we're after here inside the Conscious Cafe' and through our very unique programming, we offer thoughtful physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual fitness tools as possible solutions for Conscious Choices on life's journey. 
We are a remote event/media cafe.  Conscious Living OmniMedia Group, Living Life Designs and Life Path Portal are excited to present this collaboration which exists to empower our community to discover true health in all aspects of life. We do this by hosting and presenting our unique brand of tv shows and radio programs as signature events, at specially selected venues locally, regionally, and globally to showcase the finest in healthy cuisine, celebrity chefs, health and wellness industry leaders, nutrition and food safety experts, and other facilitators who specialize in life support in the areas of the life journey including, personal development, relationships, career, wealth and much more.  
Stunning performances, presentations, demonstrations in holistic health, life path empowerment, mind stimulating discussion, and soul moving, experiences are all part of our customed-designed cafe' topic menu created to stimulate every aspect of your being while offering fresh alternative tools that can assist in making choices that truly support an individual's desired life path.
Show Topic Menu  
Mind/Body Health
Holistic health and wellness practices, alternative & integrative medicine, nutrition, food safety, food sources,physical fitness, emotional, mental fitness tools, spiritual awakening, Zen living, balance 
Life partners, spouses,parents/children,teacher student, employer/employee, self
Life Path
Many destinations along the life path, we'll explore career, Life path, purpose, love, money, life planning and offer tools for navigating the journey

Special Guest Performance-IDIVINE

April cafe features special musical guest performances are offered inside the cafe. Island Spice Tour with AHZJAH of IDIVINE & KAHRIN Singah.

Special Guest Performance - Elemental

May cafe features special musical guest performances are offered inside the cafe. The unique sounds of the acoustic sounds of Elemental
Healthy Happy Hour Menu SPECIALS
Menu recommendations
  1. Title 10
    Title 10
  2. Relationships
    Exploring healthy relationships through conscious awareness and purpose.
  3. pediatrician