The Conscious Cafe'
Celebrate the Power of Conscious Choice
Ahzjah Netjer Simons, Founder CLO Group,
Children Wellness Network,
Certified Life Coach &
Host, The Conscious Cafe
The Conscious Cafe'tm       &  Healthy Happy Hour 
Celebrate the Power of Conscious Choice                     Enlightenment with A Twist

We are a remote pop up media cafe event broadcasting live on iJourneyTV.  Living Dream Life Designs, Conscious Living OmniMedia Group, and Life Path Portal are excited to present this collaboration which exists to empower our community to discover true health in all aspects of life. We do this by hosting our unique brand of tv shows and radio programs, as signature events, at specially selected venues locally, regionally, and globally to showcase the finest in holistic health and wellness industry leaders, life coaches, nutrition and food safety experts, and other facilitators who specialize in life support in the areas of the life journey including, self discovery, self mastery, personal development, relationships, career, wealth and much more.  
Once a month we feature our Healthy Happy Hour, enlightenment with a twist, showcasing our network of guest chefs as we explore food therapy,  food science, healthy food sources, food safety.  Studio guests, listeners, and viewers, may book a table in advance to participate in our Healthy Happy Hour at select locations.  
Stunning performances, presentations, demonstrations in holistic health, life path empowerment, mind stimulating discussion, and soul moving, experiences are all part of our customed-designed cafe' topic menu created to stimulate every aspect of your being while offering fresh alternative tools that can assist in making choices that truly support an individual's desired life path.  Whether you're ready for something fresh, authentic, and a path to make healthy changes in your life or just curious, The Conscious Cafe' is entertaining, fun, educational, and inspirational.  
 Beware, this is a Conscious Affair, sure to awaken the body, free the mind, and heal the soul. You will never be the same and that is intentional. Episodes are live and are available on demand at TheConsciousCafe.Net.
Our once a month Healthy Happy Hour features guest chefs, food safety and nutrition experts and more. Reserve your seat space you can get a taste  first hand!  Just complete the show reservation form below and we'll see you there!
"The Conscious Cafe' was created in 2007 by Conscious Living OnmiMedia Group and A Conscious Affair Productions, as an interactive version of the CLO signature radio and magazines that were being offered to the community.  It was decided that readers and listeners could easily get a monthly interactive taste of health via the Conscious Cafe event which fused artistic excellence, enlightenment,music, healthy food, demonstrations, presentations. With the success of the interactive cafe, a radio program was also designed to continue to offer audiences the signature brands of more of what they'd come to expect and enjoy in a new format and it proved to be a great success.
Now Living Dream Life Designs and The CLO Group join forces to bring this elegant and cutting edge broadcast experience which offers a unique blend of quality food, artistic excellence, soothing atmosphere, and enlightenment with a twist. 
Run by network of community supporters who are passionate about holistic health and wellness, personal development, life path empowerment, and healing humanity. 
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